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Second Chance Finance

Australian citizens hit hard by trying economic times may find themselves in a crushing debt situation that seems impossible to escape. Many individuals that find themselves in this predicament file for bankruptcy in an attempt to make their financial troubles disappear swiftly. However, bankruptcy has some drastic consequences that can tarnish your financial standing for many years to come. Instead of filing papers for bankruptcy you would be wise to take a deep breathe and consider applying for second chance finance via a trusted lender. In so doing, you can secure the means to pay off all your creditors in one fell swoop and repay your second chance lender over time without further damaging your credit standing.

How it Works

Lenders are often willing to negotiate settlements on outstanding credit card balances in a effort to avoid turning these accounts over to collection agencies that pay just a fraction of the total monies owed. The catch is that debtors must be able to pay the negotiated settlement amount immediately in one lump sum. Individuals in crushing debt are not generally able to procure the large amount necessary to negotiate settlements but a second chance finance solution can remedy the situation immediately.

Simply borrow a sum large enough to let you negotiate with each of your individual lenders. Consumers can often negotiate settlements that are up to 60% less than the original amount owed. Once you have paid off all of your creditors you will simply begin making a single consolidated loan payment - designed to fit comfortably into your budget - every month to your second chance lender. Every time you make your payment on time you will receive a positive mark on your credit history that will begin to build your credit standing immediately.

Who Benefits

Second chance finance presents a win-win situation for all involved. Creditors receive more of the money owed than they would otherwise receive. Second chance lenders enjoy a steady income from interest payments on the amount loaned. Consumers benefit from the peace of mind that accompanies an end to financial pressure.

Men and women that have a poor credit history stand to reap the best benefit from second chance finance, as many financial institutions in Australia will only do business with individuals that can prove a healthy financial standing. Second chance loans are granted to individuals that have bad credit on a regular basis and as such, they present a viable means of avoiding bankruptcy for men and women in dire financial straights.

Second chance finance operates on the premise that life can be unpredictable and that even the most decent people can sometimes find themselves in over their head when it comes to debt. A poor credit history should not stop you from moving forward toward financial freedom and a second chance loan is designed to supply needed funds to individuals that are ready to proactively pursue an end to the vicious downward spiral of consumer debt. In as little as one year, men and women that utilize second chance finance solutions can expect to see a marked improvement of their credit standing.

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If you are just down on your luck and just need a second chance, we have someone waiting to answer you're loan request.

One type debt consolidation is a debt agreement where you can negotiate with your lenders, this can be when you are having problems like paying debts, are getting phone calls from creditors and debt collectors, have had vehicles repossessed and left with debt or are facing bankruptcy. The form above will take you to the experts in this field..