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Bad Credit Car Loans

A Basic Guide to Bad Credit No Collateral Loans

Even people who are freshly out of bankruptcy have options for obtaining personal loans.

The terms of bad credit no collateral loans are typically far from favourable, but repaying responsibly can be one way to begin repairing damaged credit.

While secured financing – a loan guaranteed by collateral, such as a vehicle – is more readily available for persons with poor credit, unsecured financing offers exist as well. Chances are good that potential lenders will review an applicant’s credit history, but they will also be willing to take bigger risks in extending credit.

These lenders are able to loan limited sums of money to customers with poor financial track records because they compensate for the increased risk of default by exacting hefty fees from the transaction. In fact, bad credit no collateral financing has developed into a highly competitive, niche financial market that can be quite lucrative for lenders, while opening up a source of funding for individuals who might not have been able to borrow in the past.

Why Borrow at All?

After going through a bankruptcy or being dunned by creditors, many consumers are hesitant to go back into debt. This is especially true for those seeking to borrow on a bad credit no collateral basis, since the loan initiation fee and interest rate can seem prohibitive.

However, obtaining new funding becomes a necessity when unexpected situations arise that demand immediate expenditures, such as:

• Injuries requiring uninsured medical care
• Vehicle breakdowns
• Household emergency repairs
• Unplanned-for school expenses
• Emergency veterinary care for pets

Another reason that individuals may seek bad credit no collateral financing is to begin personal credit repair. By obtaining small loans and paying them back responsibly, people can start to reestablish creditworthiness that will help them obtain financing at more favourable terms in the future.

Who Can Qualify?

The only way for a person to determine eligibility for financing is to apply. Specific lenders may require proof of a minimum monthly income, an employment history spanning two or more months, proof of an established bank account, or proof that an applicant is not already financially overextended.

What Should I Know?

Many applicants are surprised at the interest rates on bad credit no collateral loans. They typically carry an APR (annual percentage rate) of several hundred percent , although most lenders represent this cost in weekly or monthly terms to make the fees more palatable. By obtaining the following knowledge, consumers can protect themselves:

• Funding limit
• Application fee, if any
• Origination fee
• Annual percentage rate
• Payment method and time frame
• Penalty for late payments

By knowing the terms and addressing any concerns prior to signing documents, borrowers can make intelligent financial decisions. If a bad credit no collateral loan is the only type of financing currently within reach, that makes it all the more essential to repay this loan on time and in full to begin repairing damaged credit and qualify for better terms in future.

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